Donald Trump: An Artist in The Making?

Calling all artists! 

Want to gain some serious global press and have one of your sketches sold for $29,184 at auction?

Become president of the United States of America! It's that easy! Or is it?

We all know president Donald Trump to be a real estate guru, reality TV star and now, politician. But wait, there's more... he's an artist, too! 

As Artnet news reports, President Donald Trump sketched the Manhattan skyline for a charity event to promote world wide literacy in 2005. Along with president Trump's drawing, other 'big' names joined in showing off their artistic skills including Republican John McCain, former Democrat Senator Joseph Lieberman, and my personal favorite, actress Charlize Theron. 

Twelve years after the charity event,  president Trump's sketch is considered an extremely rare example of presidential memorabilia. This past Thursday at Nate D. Sanders auction house, there were 11 bids on the drawing, starting at $9,000.  It is no secret that president Trump has gathered quite the following, but now he has also attracted the attention of some serious presidential memorabilia collectors. 

I have always been into NY skyline paintings, drawings, and photographs; the iconic landmark is a popular setting for artists all over the world. 

Look, I'm no art critic expert, but if you ask me, seems like the president is "making America great again" one middle finger at a time. 

Well, the 2020 presidential election is just around the corner, interested in running? No, silly, you don't need new Nikes for this race, just an orange spray tan, a dirty mouth and money to spare!

Happy running! 

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