Flag Paintings: In the Spirit of Independence Day

ARTn't you happy it's the 4th of July weekend?

I sure am!!!  

The grill is smoking, hot dogs and hamburgers galore and fireworks are in the air...  In the spirit of Independence Day, I thought I'd do a search on paintings that have depicted the American flag throughout history.  

Google to the rescue... 

[Notable Artist and their portrayal of the American Flag]

Surrender of Lord Cornwallis by John Trumbull 1817

William Henry Powell (1823-1879) Battle of Lake Erie in 1873

A monumental piece of canvas art by Childe Hassam

  George Washington crossing the Delaware river

                The Birth of Old Glory/ from painting by Moran 

Painting of the birth of our nation's flag

I hope you enjoyed looking at these paintings as much as I do, and that they inspire an even greater love for our country!

Happy 4th of July!