Finding Rothko in The Bahamas

Why do I create? 

I've found that every creative process I have ever engaged in has been a reaction to the world around me, It is how I grasp control of my enviroment. I see creating as a form of  power, which gives me the ability to stop time and relive special moments over and over again. 

I look back at some of my projects and am always moved by the stories they tell. In them, I see passion and that is how I wish to engage in the creative process, by fully submerging all that I am, in all that I create.

This body of work is very different from what I have been accustomed to photographing. And the most beautiful thing about these new photographs, is that they introduce a side of me that I only discovered while in the process of shooting them.

I am provoked by simplicity.

The new direction I have taken in my photography displays a more linear, unified and contemporary look. It documents my desire to find order in things, my deep appreciation for simplicity, clean lines and sophistication. 

While vacationing in the Bahamas last summer, I was taken by the mixture of bright colors that made up its downtown area. I recall waking up early and heading to town before the rush of people poured in. The quiet streets, alleyways and buildings settled beneath the golden light of the morning sun, beautifully displayed the most interesting shapes made of white, bold and vivid colors. These mixtures of colors reminded me of Mark Rothko's art. 

At the time, I had no idea the colorful images below would become so well accepted. In addition to Rothko, these photographs also reminded me of the streets of Rio De Janeiro, Brazil, during carnival time. The vibrant colors of the costumes and floats, and the energy and happiness that fill both the natives and tourists, inspired me to name these photographs Samba 1-4

In May of this year, I was notified through the gallery that carried this collection of prints, that William and Sonoma wished to sign them to their online art gallery. Of course, this news was a great and wonderful surprise. 

Please click here for more details on the Samba series.

For the time being, I will continue to focus on a more contemporary and modern style of photography. I feel that the bio written to represent the Samba series on the William and Sonoma website, does an excellent job describing my fascination with time, the passing of it, and my deep desire to capture it!
Brazilian photographer Rafaella LaRoche brings her unique eye for color and composition to all of her projects, which range from editorial photographs and celebrity portraits to advertisement imagery and abstract works. In her "Samba" series, she focuses her lens on the exterior of colorful buildings in the Bahamas. From a distance the architectural images read as abstract color fields, but upon closer inspection one can see the subtle gradient fading of color that suggests the passing of time.

There is much to see in simplicity!

Thank you for reading! 

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