Get Your Art-Loving Self to Sorelle: A Review

I have spent quite some time visiting galleries in the East Coast, and of all the places to explore art, Sorelle Gallery offers an eclectic collection exhibiting works of over 50 artists from around the world.

Sorelle Gallery is located in the pristine and charming downtown area of New Canaan, CT.  Surrounded by unique boutiques, coffee shops and arguably the best restaurants in all of Fairfield County, the gallery and its surroundings can make for an unforgettable art experience. With just a five minute walk from the Metro North train station, you'll stroll through Elm St. where you'll encounter an array of visitors who come to take advantage of New Canaan's many beautiful features, including The Glass House. 

Sorelle steals the show... the walls are filled with a perfect mix and match of texture induced by traditional and modern art. Whatever type of art you enjoy, the gallery will have something for you to fall in love with. In addition to paintings, the gallery exhibits photography by the reputable Kimerlee Curyl, unique mirror art by Alina B, stoneware by Regis Brodie, driftwood sculptures by Rita Dee, ceramics by the talented Jill Fishon-Kovachick and aluminum works by Rob Sorenson.

In addition to the lineup of impressive artists being showcased, the Sorelle team welcomes its art-lovers with much excitement. They are extremely knowledgeable of the works exhibited and quite the talented artist themselves. See a piece you love while visiting the gallery? Wonder how it would look in your home? One of the gallery's many unique features is to have a painting digitally imposed on your wall, offering a realistic visual of what it would look like should you purchase it! Thirsty? Swing by the refreshment table for a cup of fresh lemon water, coffee, tea and or a glass of wine... yes, please!

Example of a digitally imposed painting:


There are hundreds of galleries in the East Coast that carry impressive artwork, however, Sorelle Gallery stands out for much more than its collection. There have been many times when I have walked through the doors of a gallery I was excited to visit, and barely stayed because the vibe was off, the mood was unwelcoming and the staff uninterested. At Sorelle, they are respectful of your private space while making you feel right at home. It may not be the biggest gallery in Fairfield County, but it is certainly one of the most welcoming, treating it's art hunters' (such as myself) with as much appreciation and value as the pieces hung on the walls. 

For more information please check out the gallery's website at

Arted-out? Great, time to eat!

Did you know art will increase your appetite? It's the truth; it's also true that I will find any excuse possible to eat! So, you should too! Once you have fed your mind, you must feed your body. Rosie is located on Elm Street, just a short 3 minute walk from the gallery. There, you will find one of the best avocado toasts you've ever tried! As it suggests on the cover of its menu, when you "TASTE THE LOVE," you will certainly want to come back for more.


 Visit their website: 
 What are you waiting for? 

   Get your art-loving-self to Sorelle!

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